We’ve been living online since 1997 and for more than 13 years we nurtured our first creation: AUTO.CZ. It grew into the biggest automotive online media in Europe (with about 25 mil pageviews per month) and, as a result of its success, was acquired by Axel Springer AG.

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A platform for electric vehicle reviews by their owners.



Our goal is to create a database of experiences that will help future owners in choosing a new EV, while opening up a community space for people captivated by the EV world who will gladly come back here to engage in discussions with others and read current reviews and news. We would like our users not only to learn about the benefits of EVs but also about their shortcomings and limitations

The main pillar of myEVreview is Owner Reviews, where as an EV owner, you can describe the pros and cons, write a detailed review, describe which other EVs you had considered before buying, and publish your own photo gallery or YouTube video. You can publish updates to your review via Owner Stories. Here, you can describe what new experiences you had in your car, where your travels took you, etc.
If you are someone, maybe a YouTuber, who regularly tests EVs, or you've had a chance to drive some EV, you can share your content in the column Test Drives.
No less interesting is the column News, where you can share any news from the world of electric vehicles.

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Top rated reviews

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